Dal campo alla tavola, aggiungiamo valore al vostro lavoro
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Better Look, Feel and Taste? Yes, we can!

Some fruits and vegetables require special handling in order to generate new applications and reach new markets .


Persimmon fruit is at its best when fully mature; but as we well know, at that point, it cannot be handled much before it breaks up. Detannification an application that requires little time; barely 24 hours of treatment. It is fully natural, as it uses carbon dioxide ( CO2). The process removes the astringent taste of the fruit while not fully ripe.

Through detannification, a process whereby air is removed and replaced by CO2, astringency is eliminated. This allows earlier harvesting to maintain the consistency of the fruit for better handling and transportation... while shipping the fruit with the desired flavour.


Some fruit, such as citrus, can be mature inside and perfectly edible, yet their peel has not completed its ripening process. The definitive colour has yet to be achieved and the fruit is thus less appealing. Through the use of ethylene, degreening completes the ripening process on the peel, without altering the fruit's taste.


Other fruit, such as bananas, must be harvested before their prime in order to sustain the long voyage to the dinner table. Before final shipment, within a few of the shop's stalls, they can be treated during refrigerated storage. Within 48/72 hours, ripening is completed; on the final leg of its voyage an optimal fruit will be delivered to the end consumer.